Friday, 5 December 2014

Mini Lush Haul

Big shampoo
Hair Nurse hair mask
Rose Jam shower gel
Star Light, Star Bright bath melt

So after being busy for a few months (finishing exams & getting a job), I finally have some time to work on my blog again! Anyways! Let's get back to business.

To be honest, I bought these bits in October and took pictures right away but yeah...
As you can see, I've repurchased Big, because it really helps when you're having a dry and itchy scalp. However, I'm not using it as often as I used too, because I've noticed some kind of product residue and I'm trying to get it away by switching to Phyto.

I got another treat for my hair which is called Hair Nurse (formerly known as Hair Doctor). Fortunately,  got this for free by dropping off 5 empty Lush containers. I could have chosen any of the fresh face masks or the only fresh hair mask they've got. Well, I've tried this already (and it's actually empty now...) and I have to admit that it is much better than one of Lush's other hair masks called
 H'Suan Wen Hua. Hair Nurse actually has coconut oil which -as you know- is the best for dry hair. Another ingredient I adore is chamomile. I mean you're drinking it when you feel poorly and inhale it when you have a sore throat, so it has to be soothing when you're applying it to your head.

This year I wanted to try one of Lush's seasonal Christmas shower gels and in this case Rose Jam is the winner. I've always preferred the flowery smells to the fruity ones and I mean being pale and English - you gotta smell like an English rose. I rarely change my shower gel but I've actually tried a few this year and Rose Jam just has such a gorgeous scent and it is not too strong.

Believe it or not but I haven't tried any bath stuff yet. My dilemma has been not having a bath and neither did my parents. Luckily, my parents just moved into a new apartment and I can finally take baths again. For this special occasion I've selected the bath melt Star Light, Star Bright. Despite being worryingly glittery, it has such an amazing gingery fragrance and I loooove ginger! I will definitely stock up on more bath products soon enough!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Drinks & Food - Fentimans

Fentimans - Rose Lemonade and Curiosity Cola


Because I had no Tetley tea left, I had to go to Bonn's English Shop! You can find all sorts of British & American foods in a small shop in Bonn. Luckily, it is located in the city centre which is near my university, so I can drop-by whenever I'm out of certain essentials (which is mainly Tetley and pop-tarts).

Browsing through the store, I found this cute lemonade brand called Fentimans. I mean look at that Rose Lemonade! Their vintage inspired bottles have caught my eyes right away and I really love that most of the flavours contain ginger! Ginger is always so refreshing in summer, so I was directly sold.

So far I've tried the Rose Lemonade, the Curiosity Cola and the Traditional Ginger Beer. Other flavours I still have to give it go are Tonic Water, Victorian Lemonade, Dandelion and Burdock, Cool Ginger Beer, Cherrytree Cola, Brewed Shandy and Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Review - H'Suan Wen Hua by Lush

Lush - H'Suan Wen Hua hair mask


Well, I have to admit that I didn't have time to post anything last week, because I've being a very busy student this month.

Luckily, I still had time to give my hair a little boost by trying Lush's H'Suan Wen Hua hair mask! A lot of instagrammers praised this amazing pot of goodness, so I had to give it a go, too. It contains a weird and interesting mixture of avocado, eggs, rosemary, watercress, bananas and balsamic vinegar.
So far I've used it twice (20 minutes - once a week) and my hair feels way more softer than before. 
I have to admit that it smells a little bit funny, but you get used to it and it will be worth it!


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Skin Care - Avène & Perioral Dermatitis

Avène Thermal Water and Tolérance Extrême Cream


Finding the right skincare products is always a drag. But when you suddenly have to deal with a skin disease called perioral dermatitis, you know your skin is in trouble. 

Perioral dermatitis can be caused by overdoing it with cortisone creams. The with cortisone applied areas are suddenly covered with tiny papules. I thought great. First neurodermitis and now this. I wanted to go to the doctors, because I didn't know what I was dealing with in the beginning. However, I don't trust dermatologists, because most of them just want to sell their own range of skincare products (not saying all of them, because I hope one day I will find the right one). So I googled the symptoms and found a German blog by Michelle Weynand. Her post on perioral dermatitis convinced me that this is exactly what I have! After checking a few medical pages I finally got to know the main cause: cortisone creams which was my go-to product for any imperfections on my skin.

Using cortisone creams puts you in a vicious circle. When you have neurodermitis or just a very dry skin you start appreciating cortisone cream for its miracle performance. On the other hand, if you're applying cortisone or similar topical steroids on your face on a daily basis, your skin loses its thickness and it starts to look papery. Carrying on could lead to perioral dermatitis.

So how did I get rid of it? First of all, I threw away my cortisone creams. Then I bought some stuff Michelle recommended on her post. Avène Thermal Water and especially Avène Tolerance Extrême cream. After using this for a few months, my skin got so so so much better! 

Even though, all of this happened last year and today, my skin has never looked better, I still use these two products. I just like the texture and it lasts so long! For just 50ml and using it daily, it takes about 5 months until I've used it all up.

I can only recommend the Avène product range, especially when you are having any kind of problems with your skin. 


Friday, 27 June 2014

OOTD - Vintage US Air Force Shirt

Shirt - Etsy
T-Shirt - New Yorker
Vest - H&M
Leggings - H&M
Boots - Dr. Martens
Nails - Essie Angora Cardi


Welcome to my first outfit post! I thought I will start off with one of my favourite outfits for going to university and to work. Because I have to move a lot and sit in uncomfortable seats (especially at university), I prefer to wear nice comfy clothes. 

My most precious clothing item is my vintage shirt/jacket at the moment. I saw a few people wearing this kind of jacket on Instagram and I just fell in love. It took me a few months to find the exact style and size I wanted. But the best way to get this jacket is going on Etsy. Mine comes from a little shop called Dirty Birdies Vintage which sells a lot of cool vintage clothing and accessories for affordable prices. 


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Wishlist - The Search For A New Bag


It's that time of a year again where I am in need for a(nother) black bag. My recent additions are all from Zara, so this time I want to check what ASOS has offer!

As you can tell by the picture, I really adore black bags. They just go with every outfit and always add a touch of elegance. Instead of going for the typical shoulder handbag, I'm thinking about choosing a more casual style, so I was thinking about either going for a backpacks, a duffle shoulder bag or a comfy shopper.

Unfortunately, I can't decide yet, even though I am tending towards one of the backpacks, because of the justified reason that I haven't got one yet. Especially the one made of real leather has caught my eyes!

I will update you as soon as I have chosen which bag will be mine.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Hair Care - Daily Routine

L'Oreal Professionnel - Mythic Oil
Lush - Big shampoo
Lush - Fairly Traded Honey shampoo


Believe it or not, but for my daily hair care routine I just rely on three products. That’s mainly because I just can’t go outside without washing my hair. I would love to do this, but I've always had a really dry scalp. It started when puberty kicked in (our favourite stage of life -_-) and I still have to deal with it until today. Anyways, I haven’t really done anything about it, but last year I thought it’s time for a change. I always trusted drug store shampoo and conditioners, although only my hair benefited by this not my dry skin.

Then one day I decided to try the Big shampoo by Lush. One of the Lush ladies told me that I should use it as a conditioner, because it is more effective when your hair has been washed before (on the packaging it says that you can also wash your hair twice with it). Since using it as a conditioner the dryness decreased and my hair just feels so clean.

This month I’ve also added Lush’s Fairly Traded Honey shampoo and I am in love. It makes your hair so soft and it smells so so so amazing! The shampoo is a quite thick fluid, because there is at least 50% honey inside which also conserves the product.  Another plus is that you only need a tiny amount, so the 250ml bottle will last for a few months at least!

And because I don’t have time for my hair to dry without any heat, I am blow drying (and sometimes straightening) my hair every day. I know that it's really bad, but I think if you use the right products you can avoid damaging your hair. Which is why I’m using Mythic Oil by L’Oreal Professionnel for nourishment.