Friday, 5 December 2014

Mini Lush Haul

Big shampoo
Hair Nurse hair mask
Rose Jam shower gel
Star Light, Star Bright bath melt

So after being busy for a few months (finishing exams & getting a job), I finally have some time to work on my blog again! Anyways! Let's get back to business.

To be honest, I bought these bits in October and took pictures right away but yeah...
As you can see, I've repurchased Big, because it really helps when you're having a dry and itchy scalp. However, I'm not using it as often as I used too, because I've noticed some kind of product residue and I'm trying to get it away by switching to Phyto.

I got another treat for my hair which is called Hair Nurse (formerly known as Hair Doctor). Fortunately,  got this for free by dropping off 5 empty Lush containers. I could have chosen any of the fresh face masks or the only fresh hair mask they've got. Well, I've tried this already (and it's actually empty now...) and I have to admit that it is much better than one of Lush's other hair masks called
 H'Suan Wen Hua. Hair Nurse actually has coconut oil which -as you know- is the best for dry hair. Another ingredient I adore is chamomile. I mean you're drinking it when you feel poorly and inhale it when you have a sore throat, so it has to be soothing when you're applying it to your head.

This year I wanted to try one of Lush's seasonal Christmas shower gels and in this case Rose Jam is the winner. I've always preferred the flowery smells to the fruity ones and I mean being pale and English - you gotta smell like an English rose. I rarely change my shower gel but I've actually tried a few this year and Rose Jam just has such a gorgeous scent and it is not too strong.

Believe it or not but I haven't tried any bath stuff yet. My dilemma has been not having a bath and neither did my parents. Luckily, my parents just moved into a new apartment and I can finally take baths again. For this special occasion I've selected the bath melt Star Light, Star Bright. Despite being worryingly glittery, it has such an amazing gingery fragrance and I loooove ginger! I will definitely stock up on more bath products soon enough!

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