About Me


My name is Jourdan and I'm 24 years old. At the moment, I am studying English and Art History at the University of Bonn and I work in a tiny and cute gallery.

After visiting my best friend in Berlin, she gave me the motivation and ideas to set up my own blogger account. I was always thinking about becoming a blogger, but when I looked at when most UK bloggers started their blogs, I was always thinking: I'm too old. My friend told me to just go for it, so to say it in Nike's words: Just do it. And I actually really love doing blog posts and all the stuff you have to do with it to keep it going!

I've decided to blog about things which helped me to either save money or improve my hair, skin etc. Being a pale, slightly red-headed female with some imperfections never was easy (especially as a teenager) but blogs and people with the same problems helped me to just deal with it and this is also the base for my blog. 

Sooooo just enjoy and I would love to hear your comments about my little project :)


A few impression (selfies) of myself (all w/o filter)

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